THE HOPPING DEAD - available now!

In this old school arcade game, you must stop the onslaught of the hopping dead by hopping on top of zombies. The speed of your decisions determines your success, allowing you to improve each time you play the game. Time is running out so quick decisions are a must if you want to stay alive!


Low on ammo after an epic battle over the Pacific you are heading back to the base when you encounter enemy aircrafts. Simply tap the screen to steer your F35 and avoid oncoming enemy jets so the destroyer below can target and destroy them!



As a one man army you will battle hordes of ninjaz on the ground and in the air with your twin swords! Tap left or right on the screen to attack the endless waves of ninjaz and when your energy starts to run low tap on the energy orbs to rebuild your strength and crush the ninjaz into the ground.



Join Timmy Top Hat as he attempts to escape from Disco Tech City and the onslaught of bouncing disco balls by using bright lights and groovy music! It's as easy as touching anywhere on the screen to jump.